Quick Replies

Quick Replies are a good way to suggest queries and replies for the user.

You can display any number of quick reply buttons, they will scroll horizontally, along the x-axis, at the bottom of the ‘chat-flow’.

You configure these via the 'Custom Payload' reply option, in the Dialogflow console.




{ "platform": "mindkit", "version": "1.0.0", "feature": { "quick_replies": [ { "title": "Show me an Image" }, { "title": "Show me a Video" }, { "title": "Show me a Web-Card" }, { "title": "Disable Free-Type" }, { "title": "Enable Free-Type" } ] } }

If you wish to display a longer message in the ‘chat-flow’, than that of the quick-reply button title, you can use the handy ‘long-form’ option.

Example with (optional) long-form quick reply



{ "platform": "mindkit", "version": "1.0.0", "feature": { "quick_replies": [ { "title": "Show me an Image", "message": "Show me an Image example please" }, { "title": "Show me a Video", "message": "Show me a Video example please" }, { "title": "Show me a Web-Card", "message": "Show me a Web-Card example please" }, { "title": "Disable Free-Type", "message": "Disable the Free-Type input please" }, { "title": "Enable Free-Type", "message": "Enable the Free-Type input please" } ] } }

This should be sent as a 'custom payload' from Dialogflow